I have compiled a list of local business establishments that occupied the streets of Van Buren, In. during the 1950's and 60's that I recall.

  The following list may seem unbelievable to most of today's Van Buren's residents but ask around to some of the old timers, they will tell you some of the facts about the history of Van Buren and how it blew away!


  When I was a young boy there were about 420 houses and approximately 950 people living in Van Buren, Ind. and I knew most everyone of them, their children as well. Business list remembered from Jon Ruble's childhood around the mid 1950's and early 60's....

1. Glenn Boles 66 station
2. Joe Boller Barber shop
3. Dee Boller Beauty Shop
4. Standard Station John Frazee
5.Chat @ Chew Margret Cambell
6. John Wright Barber Shop
7. Five @ Dime D. Morris Corey
8. Grocery Store Red Huggins
9. Ethel May Shop
10. Van Buren Bank  Mr.Hydorin
11. Mayhew Funeral Home Mr. Mayhew
12. Van Buren Lumber Yard Geo H. Doyle
13. Doyle Poultry House Verl Doyle
14.Train Depoe Mr.Cree
15. Marathon Station Dutch Bole
16. Drive-in Restaurant Freda Banner
17. Hoosier Grain Bill Palmer
18. Co-op Grain Dale Ferguson
19. McAdams Used Furniture Store
20. Shoe Shop Chet Sailor
21. Van Buren Card Room Doc Boyer
22. Johnny Wright's Restaurant
23. Drug Store Cecil Benson
24. Joe Boller's Earlier Location for Baber Shop
25.Hemmick Hardware Robert Hemmick Sr.
26. Body Shop Don Lacy
27. Auto  Repair behind Post Office Mr. Kennedy
28. Laundry Mat Dave Ferguson @ Joe Pickett
29. US Post Office Building Thelma Shuff
30. TV Shop repair shop Charley Camblim
31. Beauty Shop Glinis Felton
32. Dr. Rifner MD.
33. Dr. Nice MD.
34. Dr. Shuff Vet.
35. Bonnie Lee Popcorn Gerald Lee
36. Tool @ Die Shop Bob Swartz
37. Black's Sandwich @ Ice cream Shop
38. Early Teen Center
39. Insurance Office OC Howard
40. Travern  Miner Bockmeir
41. Apartments above tavern Miner Bockmeir
42. Barber Shop Ed Green
43. Pool Room Tommy "Two Fingers" Kessinger
44. Eakins Grocery Story Glenn Eakins
45. Apartments Above Grocery Frank Swartz
46. New @ Used TV Shop Von Dale Lee
47. Bait Store Tom Mcvicker
48. Jewelry Repair Shop Fred Collins
49. Telephone office Mrs. Bidwell
50. Carpenter Duck Clark
51. Carpenter Bill Melling
52. Painter Doc Adamson
53. Painters @ Paperhangers Bob @ Peggy Polum
54. Rex @ Roy Leverage Peddled both Morning @ Evening additions Indianapolis Star and The Marion Chronicle.
55. The Grit Newspaper Was Peddled by Norman Ferguson
56. In Home TV repair Art Losure
57. Home delivery heating oil Rut Day
58. Home delivery heating oil Ted Ballard
59. In home Furnance Repairman Bob Lobdell
60. Losure's Cider @ Apple Sales - Don Losure
61. Pete Garner Painter and Handyman
62. Yours Truly Jon Ruble the youngest entrepreneur was peddling the TV Guide magazine door to door for a mere 15 cents a week per copy!

During those years there were 4 Churches and all with strong membership attendance.

Methodist, Christian, United Brethren and Nazarene.