Ruth Ann (Pulley) Hawker 1962 Grad

Nyle Fox 1959 Grad.

George Clupper  

Linda Lusher Haworth 1960 Grad

Dianne Lusher Sollars Shoemaker  ?  

Shelley Smart ?

Joe Stanley Marion, In. High School

Tom Rumple 1965 Grad

Curt Greer 1965 Grad

Jay Wilson {1959 Grad & VBHS Teacher}

Wanda Hensley Jones  1965 Grad

Bonita McVicker Walters 1965 Grad

Robert Longest 1954 Grad

Rodger Rice 1965 grad wrote the following:  Thanks for your time and effort on the web site for a lot of reasons. Mainly because I've been working on my family genealogy now for many years and a part of that is posting pictures. As a result of the Palm Sunday tornado we lost all of our family pictures up to that point that included graduations. My dad and all of his brothers graduated from Van Buren and it's great to be able to add their photos to my family collection. Thanks again and I hope to see you all in August. 

Donald DeHoff  1950 Grad

Barbara Purdue (Dudley) 1959 grad: I just discovered your website on  I no longer use Classmates but did find this website there.  What an outstanding endeavor.  Thankfully, I had an alumni hard cover book from many years ago and my father (Maxwell Perdue) and my brother (Jim Perdue) constantly borrowed it.  I finally got a copy of the original several years ago for my brother (however, not a hard cover) but know there are none left now, so this project is WONDERFUL.  I shall pass it on to my 1959 classmates. 

Lynda Johnson wrote requesting a picture of her Father Herbie K. Johnson who I felt  he attended VBHS around the mid-sixties but didn't graduate to my knowledge! In the event anyone has an early picture of Herbie please forward a copy to  and I'll pass it along to this hopeful Daughter.