Welcome to our digital review of the original hard-bound publication produced in the late 1960's and by the following insightful individuals. A million thanks to all of these cherished alumni for their foresight and efforts in this monumental task.


  This digital up-date of their efforts has been enhanced over the past several years by yours truly webmaster: Jon Ruble/1965 Grad.


  Reset the zoom on your monitor screen to 100% or more and enjoy this format like never before possible.


 It is my hope that this edition should become known as "The Phoenix" as it narrowly escaped the rubble and ashes of Van Buren High School.

  Thanks again to the following individuals who salavaged those large photographs that hung in the main hall of good ole VBHS. Today I fear Those original photographs may have been lost forever with this the last remaining historical recorded of VBHS alumni 1913 thru 1965.

 The last knowledge I had these photographs were possibly being stored above the garage at Eastbrook High School and should have been relinquished long ago to the care and preservation of the Van Buren Public Library.

 Enjoy and spread the news of the existence of vbgrads.com (The Phoenix)


 1. - Robert (Bob) Fincannon: Publisher

 2. - Lois Lewis- Ruble: Original Concept, Three year endeavor of Photo and Information gathering.

 3. - Earl Bryant:Principal - Authorized the removal of the original class photos being stored in the coal room of the old High School to Lois Lewis-Ruble.

 4. - Dianne Fincannon-Shook: In the employ of her Father (Robert) Dianne was handed the difficulty of scanning and editing this monumental task.

 5. - James Kellogg: Sold advertising spaces to area merchants in the book to offset the publishing cost.


 The first edition or their combined efforts was pre-sold and a 2nd edition was off to the presses. These books have lasted 40 plus years and some are still around in pretty good shape, while others have gone by the way of the old High School itself.

 With this digital release {2015} I am hopeful that "This Phoenix" will fly onto the World Wide Web well into the future for generations yet to come.


Jon Ruble / 1965grad




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